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Upcoming Dialogue conference

The original idea behind the conference was to introduce the highly successful work of contemporary Muslim scholar  Dr. Ali Al Sallaby, in particular his efforts to bring members of society together through dialogue.

This conference is for all members of society including professionals, academics, political  and community leaders who are interested in a cohesive society. 

Dr. Al Sallaby is a prolific writer on Islamic history and understanding of the Islamic teachings. His website is at:

The Conference will be held on Friday 18th February 2011 from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM and is proudly hosted by the Honourable Tony Stewart MP.  Please note that the Friday Khutba will be conducted during the lunch interval.

This conference is very timely and very important to promote better mutual understanding between Australian Muslims and Australian society, to eliminate misunderstandings on between Muslim and non-Muslim Australians and to showcase a vibrant Australian Muslim community that is keen, very keen, to take its role as a constructive contributor for the betterment of our Australian society.

Approximately thirty members of the Australian Muslim community have been charged with terrorism related offences over the past decade. This conference will allow members of the community to engage with senior academics, faith leaders of different backgrounds and law enforcement professionals to ensure that we are all better informed Australians.

The speeches and panel discussions at this conference will be very useful and informative to Australians of all backgrounds.

Dr. Al Sallaby's work led to a transformation in the attitudes of members of the Muslim community who had been engaged in various significant acts of violence or who had promoted violence. His work led to two significant results, the first being the transformation of the attitudes and the correction of the religious paradigms of the individuals in question and secondly, because he could clearly demonstrate the sincerity of their remorse and penitence, he managed to gain a full pardon from the authorities for the individuals concerned. His negotiations worked with both sides of the equation.

Dr. Al Sallaby was scheduled to be with us, however, the unfolding events in Egypt and the arrangements advertised on the internet for mass demonstrations in Libya have led to a request for him to stay in Libya until the present unrest is finished.

The main speaker from the Australian Islamic Community is Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, he is a PhD graduate from Al Azhar University, his thesis was on the manner in which Islam achieves security. He is the Chairman of the Australian National Imam's council (NSW) Branch and the founder of the Australian Institute of Islamic Culture, Qur'an Kareem Radio and he was instrumental in establishing the Australian Council for Women's Affairs. The conference will be officially opened by the Hon. Tony Stewart MP.

The presenters at the conference are:
Fr. Chris Riley (Youths Off the Streets), 
Deputy Commissioner Peter Drennan APM (Australian Federal Police),
Professor Stuart Rees (Sydney Peace Foundation), 
Dr. Salim Farrar (Sydney University, Sydney Law School), 
(Please click on the name to access a brief Bio).

The Conference will consist of the opening speeches and two panels.

The conference is completely free of charge, but space is limited so please confirm early.

Lunch will be provided.

A Friday Khutba and prayers will be provided for Muslim participants, the Sermon will be delivered by Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad and translated by Keysar Trad.